Wylam, Northumberland

Wylam, Northumberland

Project details

A modern approach was taken in the construction of this extension to enlarge the existing Kitchen space and provide a modern open plan living and dining space.

The design was heavily influenced by the Clients background(s) and responded to the aspirations for the space. A strong engineering approach was utilised to achieve a clean and open space to the new elements; The interior space has a vaulted ceiling to gain more space and light, a steel frame was used to avoid unnecessary structure or ties through the ceiling. Carefully placed windows point to features within the garden and large bi-fold doors open to a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The design is dominated by the strong roof structure. With a keen focus on engineering, the structure was designed with detail and precision, through the construction of overhanging eaves elements to the careful placement of shadow gaps in the roof design; A zinc roof was put forward to further reinforce the engineered nature of the design. The interior was as carefully planned as the interior; hidden blinds, strip lighting features, built in TV and Fireplace all add to the minimalist architectural design.

Private (Mandale House)
Rear Kitchen / Family Room Extension