Well Road, Northumberland

Well Road, Northumberland

Project details

This modern extension to a picturesque 1830s home in Northumberland uses natural timber, matching stone and crittal glazing to provide a contemporary redesign of the existing second wing. Previously outdated living, gym and garage facilities were transformed to a two-storey extension, housing new master and guest bedrooms, and an open plan family room opening out onto the landscaped gardens.

Using a floorplan and form reminiscent of the 1960s era extension, the new proposal adds just 1.5m height and an open roof void to create the new storey, keeping the extension subservient to the existing building, and framing the historic frontage. Spans of steelwork to the ground and first floor allow wide open plan living and kitchen spaces internally, and pitched ceilings to bedrooms above,  with an abundance of glazing.

Proposed stonework to the revised ground floor ties into the existing. Natural timber cladding to the new storey ties into the vernacular, and provides a clear contrast between new and old. Pitched apex glazing and crittall doors to the front and rear give unspoiled views over the surrounding forest.

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