Rear garden, Fenham

Rear garden, Fenham

Project details

The scheme creates a new garden space to the rear of an existing terraced house, located in the suburbs of Newcastle. In addition, structural alterations are carried out to create an open plan arrangement internally. The rear windows are replaced with new Crittal style patio doors which opens up the house to create an external space for living outdoors, connecting the interior with the exterior.

The garden is divided into two, to create an outdoor living area adjacent to the house, which is contained by an oak pergola structure. The existing dividing brick wall is finished with timber, and the rear delineated with low walls to contain planting and a water feature. Together with a space for barbecuing, the garden brings together the concept of earth, fire and water to provide a haven of tranquillity in the city of Newcastle.

Minor alterations to house and works to rear garden

Fenham, Newcastle